We Don’t Sell Leads, We do something far more amazing…

What do you mean you don’t sell leads? Everyone online is saying go to Zuumlead for your leads and your conversion rate will skyrocket! If you don’t sell leads, what’s this amazing thing you do? ….  We solve the BIGGEST problem with internet leads. The problem that turns lead buyers off and makes them swear to never buy them again… We connect you instantly to every lead, getting you to the client before the other ten people who purchased the same lead.

Confused??? We get it, it’s a brand new technology, a new concept. Drop your phone number in the form below we’ll show you exactly how it works.

 You can see how we work in the real estate industry in the video to the left. If you’re more the reading type, there’s plenty of that down below, but the phone number demo is by far the best. Cheers!

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The Problem

Have you ever called your new sales lead only to find out your the 5th person to call them that day? Sales professionals from every vertical, such as banking, insurance and real estate, to name a few, are buying internet generated leads. In most scenarios, these leads come from consumers who are shopping online for a given service or product….

The Solution

Instant phone contact with your incoming leads, no matter who you purchase them from. The biggest thing in internet generated leads is happening right now.  It’s called the Zuumlead Advantage and it returns the value you’re losing with stale lead response. The moment your new lead is sent to you, our proprietary technology has your phone ringing, ready to…

The Opportunity

Generally, those who are the best in the “biz” whether sales, politics, law, or sports, are those who have found advantages over the competition. Zuumlead is the biggest advantage in the history of internet generated leads and will help you be the best in the business.

Why ZuumLead?

The success and prosperity of your business is directly related to the response time it takes you to connect with your leads. Rapid response times affect your conversion rates and therefore, your success.  Consider the graph to the right which illustrates the impact of the response times on lead conversion rates.

Zuumlead’s philosophy, proprietary technology, and mission statement is centered around the speed at which we connect you to your leads. With Zuumlead, you are always the first responder, allowing you to touch more leads, make more conversions, and increase your bottom line.

  • 1 Minute = 391 %
  • 2 Minutes = 160 %
  • 3 Minutes = 98 %
  • 30 Minutes = 62 %
  • 1 Hour = 36 %
  • 5 Hours = 24 %
  • 24 Hours = 17 %

Every lead I close is worth thousands of dollars.  No longer am I racing to contact my leads.  I simply answer the phone when Zuumlead calls and I am connected with my prospects in real-time.  This has allowed me to focus on my business, instead of beating my competition.    Thanks Zuumlead!

Jerry Mitchell

Real Estate Agent

With Zuumlead i am the first point of contact to every lead i purchase.  This is the biggest opportunity in the lead industry that i have ever seen.  My bottom line can only go one direction from here, and that’s up!

Mary Oslow

Insurance Agent

I would like to give a hearty shout to Jason Benton and the team over at Zuumlead!  After being introduced to some unique obstacles with my lead provider, their technical team worked tirelessly to integrate the lead source I have come to love and trust , with their amazing lead delivery platform.

Jenny Randolph

Mortgage Loan Officer


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