The Problem

Sales professionals from every vertical, such as banking, insurance and real estate, to name a few, are buying internet generated leads. In most scenarios, these leads come from consumers who are shopping online for a given service or product. Their pursuit often prompts them to fill out an online form with their contact info in order to acquire additional information on what it is that they are in search of.

The very next thing that happens after a consumer submits his or her information online, is the company behind the lead generating form will send it out to anywhere from a handful of sales professionals (lead buyers) to dozens.

At this point, the race between the lead buyers is under way as each lead buyer tries to beat out the others in an effort to be the first point of contact with  the new lead they’ve all received.  This is what has created the fierce competition that we see in many industries today.

From our research and discussions with sales professionals who pay for internet generated leads, there arises one resounding commonality. The sales professional who gets the new lead on the phone first has the best chance at converting them.

Converting leads in this manner, however, proves to be incredibly difficult as it is unreasonable to expect a salesperson to monitor their phone and email 24 hours a day with the precision required to accomplish such a task efficiently. That is, until Zuumlead.



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